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"The Smallest Bookstore still contains More IDEAS OF WORTH than have been presented in the Entire History of Television"  Andrew Ross


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New Books January 2016:


Awarding-winning Author,  James Osborne, has brought in his three novels: two are murder mysteries/thrillers and the third has 34 engaging tales inspired by his experiences as a journalist, teacher, publicist, army officer, corporate executive and business owner. James and his wife reside in Armstrong, BC.


Local author, Shirley Bigelow DeKelver has brought in her new book, 'Lilacs & Bifocals'-about a fifteen year old and time travel.


"Legendary Landscapes-Coloring Book Journey" --illustrated by seven Canadian Artists: 2 of them are Witek Radomski (Prince George, BC) and Carrie Wong (North Vancouver, BC). Both were recently featured on Global BC News. Explore 85 beautiful nature scenes, cityscapes, mountain tops, forests and imaginative worlds.



Adult Coloring Books: 

We carry a variety of Adult Coloring Books and Coloring Pencils-it has a been a big hit all summer, with all ages and both male and female customers buying. A lot of new ones will be coming in for Christmas as well as new releases have been announced: Harry Potter; Game of Thrones; Outlander to name a few.



And, if you look up above the top shelf of the Book Shelves you will see unique books for sale on display.


We have 'Book themed' jewelery-keep on a key chain, or put on a necklace, earrings, and so on for an unique gift for book lovers. See under Local Artist section.

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*************You can order by calling us and providing a credit card number on all our Local, BC and Other Canadian Authors Books that we highlight on our website. We are not using the purchase button as indicated above. When you hit the book button tab listed above, you will see further information.


For those readers interested in sharing their love of books  with others, we offer a Credit & Buy Options. Check it out under the SERVICES tab at the top of the page.


****Our store also offers Gift Certificates*******





            SATURDAY   :  9 AM-5:00 PM


Closed Sundays and Holidays


We can be found at 331 (D) Alexander St NE,

Downtown Salmon Arm, Right Beside the Shuswap Pie Shop


We view the CUSTOMER as the most important person to our business and welcome all comments and suggestions. We take requests for books and call you when your book shows up in the store.

We also order in New and Used Books.

Hidden Gems Bookstore now has a Facebook Page and a Fan Base has already started. 

"Bookstores are my favorite places. They're like wonderland. Endless goodies. A Candy Shop for the mind."             Shannon McKenna


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