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A Prayer For Dead Kings and other tales
Author: Scott Fitzgerald Gray Genre: Fantasy
Price: $14.95
A Unity of Chaos
Author: Elliott Cross Genre: Fantasy Cover illustrations and Map by Ihsahnity
Price: $14.99
Blackheath: An Elathien solo Mystery
Author: Scott Fitzgerald Gray/Quinn Hamilton Genre: Fantasy/For Mature Readers
Price: $8.95

Grace Awakening-Dreams and Power
Author: Shawn L. Bird Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult Cover Art and Design: Mareike Klem-The Urban Think Tank Interior Art: Ameer Shiakh
Price: $19.99
Author: Bekky Crandlemire Genre: Fantasy
Price: $16.95
Author: Bekky Crandlemire Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Price: $16.95

The Last Archangel-Part One
Author: Elliott Cross Genre: Fantasy Local Author and all 10 copies are signed.
Price: $14.99
Out of Stock
The Voices of The Dead-Dark Tales and Lost Souls
Author: Scott Fiztgerald Gray Genre: Fantasy
Price: $8.95
Tomorrow's Paper
Author: Richard Allen Wunderlich Genre: Science Fiction/High Tech
Price: $19.95

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