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Don Clarke - Greeting Cards

Florence Rozenberg has brought in her beautifully made flower greeting cards and bookmarks. She grows, drys and then has the cards and bookmarks laminated. Both are selling well and add to giving gifts very nicely.

Beth, from Hidden Gems Bookstore has also taken photographs, some of local interest, and with quotes and Hidden Gems Bookstore information on the back has bookmarks for sale. The bookmarks were produced by Canadian Photoscene and their website can be found under Friends of Hidden Gems.


Book Ends and Paper Weights: made out of Agate Rock and Calcite

Images by Horst: beautiful photos that have been put on fridge magnets and art/greeting cards-all wild life scenes-$5.00 and up.

Joe Stammers has brought in his beautiful postcards of the Shuswap area, $2.50 each

Rachel Denhollander has brought in her baked clay book theme jewelery-leave on the key chain or put on a necklace, etc.  $5.00 each.

Porcelain train plates-CPR/CNR and various--$20.00 each

Andrea Turner Collection: Black and White Photo Greeting Cards of Salmon Arm from 1913-Frank Duncan Photographer   $4.00 each

Kathleen Froese has brought in her Celtic Music CD-$15.00 each

Sherron Caverly has brought in her beautiful 3 D Greeting Cards-$5.00 each

Rachel Ferro: Unique Fairy and Dragon Bookmarks ($4.00 each)

Deniece Apeldoorn has brought in hers  greeting cards.

Christine Armstrong has brought in her wonderful photo Greeting Cards.

 Don Clarke has brought in his beautiful art greeting cards, some of the local area, and cost $4.95 each.

Maureen Clarke has brought in her beautiful harp music CD-$15.00 each

Cathy Nicholson has brought in her unique bookmarks made from 'Scramble Pieces' with various words spelled out-lots to choose from-$10.00 each.

Jim Cooperman has brought in  Beautiful Photo Greeting Cards  depicting the Salmon Run and North Shuswap Area-$4.00 each.

Donalda Mclaren has brought in her large art greeting cards with an unique twist-they are reuseable. She has inserted a matching loose page that you can use when giving the card; and then the person can remove the page and 'reuse' their card for someone else. She has wonderful drawings of horses and her unique art of animals such as pigs, cows, hippos, etc. She will also be bring in her large art cards that can be framed. The cards sell at $7.50 each.

 Erasables-have brought in their magnetic bookmarks of local photographs: trains; horses; cars; birds; etc. $3.00 each

Terry Greenhough has brought in Journals  and Garden Journals, depicting covers of his artwork. Each sells for $15.00 each; with the Large Journals selling for $20.00

Dawn Scott: has her beautiful Art Greeting Cards.

Ann Caughlin: has her local Herb drawings as greeting cards



Donalda McClaren - Greeting CartsBookmarks by Erasables



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