Local Artists

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."  ---Scott Adams

We have wall space, and some areas for display available for those out there who want to sell their art work, photography or smaller items such as sculptures. We will consign your work on a time limited basis.


"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."--Pablo Picasso

So far we have the following available to purchase in our store:

IMAGES BY HORST: has brought in his wilderness photographs that he has framed; put on fridge magnets and greeting cards

RACHEL DENHOLLANDER: has brought in her baked clay book necklaces and key chains.

ANDREA TURNER: has brought in her old photographs of Salmon Arm greeting cards.

SHERRON CAVERELY: has brought in her 3 D greeting Cards.

FLORENCE ROZENBERG: has brought in her Greeting Cards with pansy flower design and bookmarks.

CHRISTINE ARMSTRONG: has brought in her photograph Greeting Cards.

RACHEL FERRO: Unique Fairy and Dragon bookmarks; and ready to frame 9 X 12 Art Pieces of Fairies and Dragons.

ERASABLES: Photo Magnetic Bookmarks of local area

GUS BUFFEL: has brought in his Oil on Slate Wildlife pictures.

DENIECE APELDOORN: has brought in her framed artwork and greeting cards.

DON CLARKE: has brought in his Artwork Greeting Cards-some of the local area. His artwork emcompasses Acrylic; Oil and Water Color.

CATHY NICHOLSON: has brought in unique bookmarks made out of the game board and pieces of a Scramble Game. Each bookmark spells out a different word (ie) Canada.

DONALDA MCCLAREN: has brought in her artwork-from matted images of roosters, horses, and other animals; to wismsy fun images of animals for children and tourist pieces. She has also brought in her greeting cards with same images and with each purchase of a card you can choose a recipe she has put together.

PETER JOBBINS: has brought in two of his beautiful photographs, (nicely framed by Frame's by Filiatrault in Salmon Arm) and one comment has been that his work looks like a painting. One of his photographs is a Saskatchewan Landscape and the other is a Calgary Landscape-both very beautiful. Peter has added a new framed picture-a beautiful photograph printed on canvas.

JUSTIN MASS, PAINTER: Justin has brought in framed signed art cards of local area. You can see more of his work at: www.justinmaas.com

TERRY GREENHOUGH, PAINTER: has brought in small and large journals, with the covers depicting different works of his art. He has also added  Garden journals.

DAVE NORDSTROM, PAINTER: has brought in various framed  Watercolor, Acrylic and oil pictures.


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